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Welcome to Integrated Steel Solutions. We strive to bring you the best technology available today for your Steel Fabrication Workshop. Beginning with STRUMIS, the worlds leading Steel Fabrication Management System we can offer you set-up, training, customisation and add-ons that will make everything in your workshop more connectable, readable and relatable. For maximum transparency and accountability we can integrate your software, train your staff and customise your reporting so that you can see at a glance where any job is at any given time.


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Our Industry, Steel Fabrication

Steel Fabrication is an industry that has not changed for generations and has been traditionally run as family businesses passed on from generation to generation with some growth but not a lot of change. As with most industries fabrication has over the last few years seen the introduction of all kinds of new and exciting technologies, from automation through to smart systems and mobility solutions for live job tracking etc.

Integrated Steel Solutions

Integrated Steel Solutions was created by our Director, Chris Roos, to introduce new technologies to the industry and assist/support/guide our customers through this transition period.

Chris recognised the need Steel Fabricators have to adopt these new technologies and quickly integrate them into their workshops to remain competitive in the rapidly advancing industry.

With a unique understanding of the Fabrication workshop, having advanced through a range of roles in the industry (from apprentice to qualified boilermaker to estimator, draughtsman, purchaser and so on through the chain of command) there is very little in the industry that he has not had some experience of, first hand.

With this experience to draw on we have sourced, tested and developed some of the best software available in todays market to assist Steel Fabricators to keep track of every part of their workshops on a minute to minute basis.

Of course your workshop and office will have programs integrated already such as accounting and payroll software, we take this into account as well.

In a perfect world all these new technologies and softwares would be fully integrated but we are still dealing with various software developers and machine providers and even some old manual systems. This is where ISS really excels.

With our background in fabrication and knowledge of the technologies available we offer a very unique set of tools and services. We have the ability to assist our customers with connecting all of their smart solutions (and the not so smart ones) into a suite of programs that brings your business data to your fingertips.

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