Over 40 years of experience and innovation in structural software

Structural engineering work from Conceptual Design, Detailed Design, Fabrication

  • 500,000+ projects recognized and proven software
  • 3D structural BIM for steel, cladding glazing and timber
  • Automatic creation of construction, assembly, and fabrication drawings, report and nc data
  • An integrated solution for the construction industry

bocad Steel

offers a complete solution for the modelling and fabrication of all types of steel structures, general steel structures, stairs and handrails, bridges, plate works, from small to large architectural and industrial projects. A modern user interface offers a logical workflow allowing users to design and model projects quickly and accurately. All deliverables: drawings, bill of materials and NC data required for fabrication and construction always reflect the model and are of high quality. With a powerful interoperability bocad enables the creation of a digital twin which is required on BIM projects.

bocad Roof and Wall

is the BIM solution for the cladding of building facades and roofs as well as aluminum structures. An extensive range of catalogues from leading suppliers of panels, flashings and aluminum profiles is available and can be supplemented if required. Automatic marking and generation of drawings and bill of materials, such as installation plans, palletization plans, glass cutting lists as well as order lists, are just some of the benefits of bocad Roof and Wall. bocad Roof and Wall can be used stand-alone or as an add-on.

bocad Timber

is designed towards all constructions related to timber engineering and prefabricated houses. Various tools are available for the design of complex straight or curved glulam beams including structural steel connections and joinery. For house, commercial and industrial buildings, you receive assistance in the penalization of walls, roofs and ceilings in frame construction or cross laminated timber. The package can be upgraded with interfaces to CNC machines, cladding and glass facades.

bocad Tower

includes a large library of specific rule-based tools for modelling power transmission, substation, and telecommunication angular, tubular and monopole towers. It has a unique ability for efficient 3D modelling of complicated structures like cross-arms, hip bracings and is outstanding to produce accurate deliverables as per the tower industry requirements in a short time frame. It prevents rework, optimizes the quantity of raw materials and speeds up mass production. It is recognised as the worldwide reference for 3D Tower detailing.

bocad Offshore

provides a range of specific tools for sustainable Structural Steel Conceptual and Detailed Design up to Fabrication and Construction of Offshore and Marine projects such as: Wellhead and Production platforms topsides, jackets, Spars, Semi-submersibles, Tension leg platforms (TLP), Jack-up rigs, Floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) and Wind farms. It has a unique ability to enable 3D modelling in General Arrangement drawings, saving a lot of time for revisions and guaranteeing design drawings always to be up to date. It includes Weight Control Reports, Profile Cutting Plan, Automatic welds marking, Rolled Plates unfolding and Pipes 3D Profiling.