STRUMIS connects, streamlines and simplifies
all of your steel fabrication projects and resources reducing errors and increasing efficiency
by providing complete project traceability.


Enquires and Estimating

Quotations and Tenders can be created quickly and easily, in a fraction of the time, using The Estimate Import Wizard

Purchasing and Suppliers

Efficient purchasing of all goods: steel and non-steel items. Automatic inventory receiving ensures that when material is delivered it’s quickly verified and allocated

Document Management

Import data (material lists, drawing images, manufacturing files) directly from all detailing systems, significantly reducing data entry time and eliminating errors

Contracts Management

ll revisions are updated automatically, traceability identifies the specific changes

Customers and Sales

Sales invoices may be created for contract assembly marks and/or free inventory sales of steel and non-steel items

QS Analysis

Provides accurate information: total surface areas, weights, cost values and sell values automatically

Items and Inventory

Complete control of contract material and miscellaneous items such as workshop consumables, non-steel items and stationary with inventory levels

Production Control

Clear and transparent view of the progress, monitoring and current status of each individual component and assembly