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StruMIS Integration

The ability to link your STRUMIS with accounting software such as Quickbooks (Rekon) or Myob (among others) makes your purchasing and accounting streamlined and efficient. No more double data entry or costly mistakes, with everyone seeing the same data at the same time it has never been so easy to keep an eye on your stock levels and bank balance.

Power BI Dashboard Development for StruMIS

If you prefer a visual dashboard to read your STRUMIS data over pages of printed reports then we can assist you with setting up a Power bi dashboard for your STRUMIS reporting. A Microsoft product, Power BI is recognized as a leader in Analytics and Enterprise BI platforms.


ISS can provide alterations and custom reports for your STRUMIS software. If you are not getting the exact data you need or want to see on a report then talk to us about customization.


To get the best from your STRUMIS software knowing how to use it is key. In the Steel Industry there is always a steady turnover of staff, with new people handling different areas all the time it is important to have them trained up to use the software that you rely on to get the job done. ISS offers on site training and we also run training meets on a regular basis. You can choose to have us come to your workshop and train hands on in your own working environment or choose to send one or more people along to an organised training meet and have them trained off site along side other STRUMIS users. We strive to provide you with the ability to train your people to get the very best out of your system.