StruMIS Add-on Apps

Value added Apps for the Structural Steel Industry by Integrated Steel Solutions bringing more information into your already existing STRUMIS software, our way of making your job easier.

ISS Work Assistant

Available on a mobile platforms iOS, Windows or Android.

ISS Work Assistant for StruMIS provides a user-friendly method of starting, stopping, cancelling, and finishing work items in StruMIS LTD StruMIS steel fabrication management solution.

This app allows employees to automatically record time sheets and manage the progression of work items through an uncomplicated touch-friendly interface.

This app also allows supervisors to assign items to be processed by specific employees, setting up a task list and assigning items at a specific process to one or more employees.

Please note, that this app requires a server component to be installed before it will interface with StruMIS. Please contact STRUMIS Australia for a demo and quote
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ISS Timesheets

Available on a mobile platforms iOS, Windows or Android.

Perfect for those companies looking to move to electronic time keeping without the large investment of traditional time sheet software. Fully integrated with your already existing STRUMIS software.

Rather than using paper-based timesheets, ISS Timesheets allows an employee to enter times against a project and process, and have those timesheets uploaded into StruMIS. This provides both more accurate timesheets, with reduced human error. No more double-handling of timesheet information.

Timesheets can be recorded as either start+stop times, or date+duration information. The employee list and process selection can be filtered from the app, so only relevant information is shown.

The employee selects their name from the employee list, and adds timesheet records to their list. After all records are entered for the day, the employee can then upload the timesheets to StruMIS.

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ISS Outlook Task Creator

Creating outlook tasks for your procurement department to track outstanding materials or inform project managers of supplier invoices awaiting approval. Task creator is a valuable extremely useful and valuable addition to our growing list of Add-on solutions.

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